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Main description:

These are the classic punching bags which come with a either a choice of a knot fastening system on springs or with traditional chains. Leather boxing bags come with two mounting options. The first being the mounting springs which is a revolutionary system only found in Grodex Products. The second option are our high quality chains made out of durable, elastic, leather that is with reinforced with stretch resistant, cloth specially trained textile rags. This method allows the boxing bags to hang quietly. Finally we have tough metal chains as our third solution for a easy and durable way to hang the boxing bags. The mounting springs are standard and provide good shock absorption and gives projectiles mobility, which helps develop concentrated strike to given the movement of the enemy simulated by the bag. With this system, if a punch thrown incorrectly, the bag is able to respond by spinning in place. This lets the user know that there punches are not connecting like they should be. All bags are hand stuffed with specially sized textile pieces.

Bag Sizes 

Please call for prices

Diameter 13” × Height 45” - $900

Diameter 13” × Height 49”

Diameter 13” × Height 51” 

Diameter 13” × Height 55” 

Diameter 16” × Height 45” - $1,150

Diameter 16” × Height 49”

Diameter 16” × Height 51” 

Diameter 16” × Height 55” 

Diameter 19” × Height 45” 

Diameter 19” × Height 49” 

Diameter 19” × Height 51” 

Diameter 19” × Height 55” 

Diameter 22” × Height 45” 

Diameter 22” × Height 49” 

Diameter 22” × Height 51”

Diameter 22” × Height 55” 

Please call or email for wholesale price list.



Free shipping throught the United States. Offer excludes Alaska and Hawaii. Please allow between 10-25 days for your order to arrive. If more than 25 days have passed please email us at [email protected] to review the status of your order. Refunds will be handled through email if necessary. All other information including rules regarding international orders can be found on the Grodex Policy Page.




  • 16" x 45"
  • This is 100% genuine cowhide Italian leather with a thickness of 3.0 - 4.0 mm
  • 80 lb
  • Shredded Cotton
  • Brown, Tan, Black
  • Comes with limited lifetime Warranty
  • 6.5 inch spring mechanism