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Parkinson’s, a progressive neurological disorder that affects nearly 1 million Americans, is being fought in a new ring. Rock Steady Boxing is an NPO that uses the sport of boxing to help those who suffer from the disease. The program looks to reduce the effects of Parkinson’s through different training exercises, all focused on different symptoms.


High intensity exercise has been scientifically proven to not only reduce the effects of Parkinson’s, but in some cases, reverse them. Punching helps to both reduce and steady tremors while footwork strengthens balance, and sparring improves coordination and confidence.


The boxers, both male and female, range in age from mid-30s to early 90s. One patient was excited to say that “Boxing is the opposite of Parkinson’s… it has gotten my physical and mental courage back”.


Grodex is proud to have teamed up with Rock Steady Boxing in the Peninsula location to continue and strengthen the fight against Parkinson’s. Philanthropy is a core value of our company, and when we heard about the Rock Steady Boxing program we couldn’t help but take advantage of a perfect opportunity to help those in need.


We are proud to have donated our luxury bags to the program to ensure that the boxers are using a product that maximizes safety and precision. In the future, we look to increase our efforts in the fight against Parkinson’s through continued support of the Rock Steady Program.



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