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We guarantee that, if kept one Grodex bag will last 20 years and still look new.

In today’s world, boxing bags are built to last 3 years. After the first months, the bags look horrendous, accumulate dirt, sag, and they rip. This forces the owners to buy new equipment. Grodex bags are meant to be a one time purchase, protect the athlete, and improve the athlete's skills.

“Boxing bags are all the same”

False. We have over 36 models of boxing bags in production. Every single model is designed to work on improving the athletes fighting technique while giving them a workout. Different type of punches require different muscle groups. Every bag is designed to enhance certain punches, which in term, work out different model group. Working out on three different bags is the same as going to the gym and working out your biceps, triceps, and core! Our models improve accuracy, punch combination building skills, and power punches.

Grodex Holding Mechanisms

Grodex’s boxing bags offer a unique holding mechanism that improves a boxing bags weight distribution, absorbs hits, and let’s the athlete know if there punches are landing flush.

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